Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy

Deleyed Recnstruction of one Brest which was removed because of Breast Cancer treatment (mastectomy)

Breast Reconstruction with own living tissue from abdomen

Microsurgical DIEP and TRAM flaps


Blood supply to lower abdomen by Deep Inferior Epigastric Artery and it´s perforators (DIEP)


3 generations of abodminal flaps for breast reconstruction  a) pedicle TRAM b) free TRAM  c) DIEP



Unilateral Breast Reconstruction with DIEP

mast-4 mast-3
mast-6 mast-5
mast-7 mast-8

Nipple reconstruction using wrap around flap technique (dr.CR Hartrampf). Areola is recontructed later with tattooing

mast-9 mast-10
mast-11 mast-12

Bilateral Breast Reconstruction with two DIEP flaps

mast-14 mast-15


Surgical Prevention of Breast Cancer in women with hereditary risk for Breast Cancer (BRCA1,2 positive patients) This procedure includes bilateral prophlactic breast removal and immediate reconstruction with two DIEP flaps or implants


BRCA positive, healthy woman


Mastectomy can be performed different ways


Both side mastectomy

 pictures are altered for ethical reasons


DIEP flap

DIEP flap – Skin and fat with supplying vesels Flap is transfered to chest, vesels are connected under the microscope with recipient vessels in the chest and flap is shaped into the shape of missing breast


Patient afer both side mastectomy and reconstruction with two DIEP flaps


Patient after nipple reconstruction


Patient afetr areola reconstruction with tattooing


mast-24 mast-25
mast-26 mast-27
mast-28 mast-29

Patient before and after both side mastectomy and two DIEP flaps reconstruction

mast-30 mast-31
mast-32 mast-33

Both side prophylactic mastectomy and immediate reconstruction with implants

mast-34 mast-35 všechna práva vyhrazena

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