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It is the fact of todays life. More and more people are travelling abroad in order to recieve medical care there. Some people go abroad to get better quality of treatment. Usually they travel from East to West. Some people are contrarians and they go abroad for better price, usually from the West to East. Both reasons are understandable. At the Clinic of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Brno Berkova str. 34, we accept foreigners. For me, as a surgeon, it is always honor to operate on foreigners as they put much higher effort and motivation to have surgery here.

In majority cases patient comes to our clinic to get at least standard, acceptable service for substantial lower price than in their home country. I think this is correct way of thinking but at the same time patient should be aware of possible drawback of this idea. There are many negatives about to have esthetic surgery done abroad, our clinic is not excluded. If the patient does understand all negatives and possible risks of having surgery here and if the risks are acceptable for her or him, then let s go and do surgery.

First of all let me express my opinion on price/service ratio.  Prices for surgery at our clinic are much lower, sometimes several times, than in Western Europe or US.  Our service can not be exactly the same as in these countries. It would not cost what it costs. I would estimate that our service is 20 to 30 percent worse. I hope that 30 percent loss is mainly in non medical service, like not very luxury interiors in the hospital, waiting rooms, maybe food etc. I hope that we are loosing only 5 to 10 percent in medical service, surgery itself included. In conlusion patient receives Czech service for Czech prices and price/service ratio is very good comparable with more expensive countries.

Following negatives should be considered.
Foreigners usually do not have medical insurance for  Czech  Republic. There might be complication connected to surgery, like pulmonary embolism, which might recquire complex and expensive treatment. Meanwhile Czech patients might be covered by local insurance, uninsured foreigners might pay cash. It might be good idea to discusse medical coverage for life threatening complications both with insurance here in Czech Republic or in home country.

Consultation through the internet might not be precise and sufficient in respect of estimation what kind of surgery needs to be done and how much it will cost. So there might be change when surgeon sees the patient just before surgery.

Language. I speak English and Russian. My German is poor. Nurses and other staff members can speak little German or English. Fortunatelly, our nurses are experienced and quite emphatic, so they are quite good in observing and understanding of patients need, even without too much talking with them.  All medical records and other documents are written in Czech, patients needs to signature some of them, like Informed Consent. We can not operate without having signature on these documents.

We do not provide any special assistance to get into the hospital from train station and after surgery back to the airport or other station. It is much easier if patients have somebody how can be helpful.

Some postoperative complication can appear later, when patient is already home, houndreds km from Brno. It might be very difficult to go back to Brno to solve that complication. The complication might be too small and does not pay to back for such a long trip. Or opposite, complication might be to big and patient might not be able to come. In both cases, there might be need to get help from home, local plastic surgeon. Patient should have idea where to go. Local doctors might be not happy when they should help to patients who has been operated for better price abroad…There is new activity through ISAPS (International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) in last year aiming on Safety for Patients. The idea is that members of ISAPS should cooperate between each other from different countries and also to create Insurance coverage for the care of patients who had surgery done abroad by member of ISAPS of the other country. This is in the process of development and does not work yet.
Payment for surgery and hospital

There is one common bill for both surgery, anesthesia and hospital stay. Elastic gourment for liposuction or special bra after breast surgery are not usually included.
Price usually differs 10-15 % higher for foreigners. The reason is that, in average, it takes longer to care about foreigners. Writing of letters before surgery is time consuming, explaining all differences and unknown aspects of surgery. As foreigners usually have no Czech medical insurance to help with some complication to solve, total treatment might be, in average, more expensive.

Unfortunatelly we do not accept credit cards or checks. Patients make bank transfer to our account (for bank account detail please see below). Bank transfer from abroad is expensive as both foreigner and Czech recipient bank takes fee. (Czech banks usually charge 1000 CZK). Postal Voucher is another way of payment. You have to go to Post office to pay the voucher. We can also take the cash. The payment must be in CZK, only exceptionally we can accept Euros
As you can see there are many disadvantages of having plastic surgery in Czech Republic. Please, wil you consider all pros and against and make happy decision.


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